by hintofhelen
Hey there I’m Helen – a self-taught cook and lover of all things garlic.

I hold traditional family values very close to my heart; and believe sitting around the table with friends and family, and a lovingly prepared dinner is the key to a happier life.

Putting thought, passion and creativity into every day meals will not only make yourself feel great; but those lucky few you’re feeding too!

Why I started this website:

I truly believe good meals shouldn’t be difficult, time consuming or expensive.

As someone who is ‘a natural’ in the kitchen it took me a while to realise not everyone finds it as enjoyable, or achievable.

I get frustrated when I hear of friends or family who try our a recipe and really struggle; or are extremely disappointed with their finished product. When I share a recipe I want the cook to enjoy making it, and be sure that their end product will be enjoyable; and if it’s not to their personal taste (too thin, too acidic, too sweet etc. then they’re aimed with the knowledge of how to amend to suit their personal taste).

For this very reason, I only post recipes which I believe:

  1. Are achievable to make for everyday cooking
  2. Have easily obtained ingredients (and if they’re a little trickier to get your hands on, I’ll tell you which supermarkets sell them, and for how much!)
  3. Favour flavour over everything. Ever made what looked to be an incredible recipe, only to end up with a bland dinner? That won’t happen here
  4. Are honest – I’ll be posting great recipes alongside things which didn’t work out too well, or how they could be improved next time too