Dry:Soon Heated Clothes Airer Review

by Hint of Helen
Dry soon heated airer review

Drying clothes inside during cooler months is SO difficult. When we moved into our current home, we really struggled, with no space in the kitchen to add a tumble dryer, and only so much radiator space – I thought about a heated airer for ages before finally deciding to get one.

The one I had been weighing up, and ultimately ended up buying was the dry:soon deluxe 3-tier heated airer, with a de luxe cover accessory full bundle.

Below I’ll share my honest review of it after owning it for a year. I hope this helps, and any questions you have I’m happy to answer in the comments below! This review is 100% my own and I used my own money to purchase it, and have used it as a family every week since. This post contains affiliate links and I may earn a small commission when you click on the links at no additional cost to you.

Why I chose the dry soon deluxe 3 tier heater airer, with a de luxe cover accessory full bundle.

I had been weighing up this airer for quite some time – but didn’t get it cause it was so expensive. I ended up paying £179.99 for the airer, then £72.96 for the accessories bundle – totalling £252 – which to me, feels really expensive, certainly one to weigh up if you do have the space for a tumble dryer, or are limited on space for this airer.

There is a smaller model, and the accessories bundle is completely optional – so that’s a couple of ways you could save some money. It looks like, since then, they sell bundles of the heater with a cover which looks much better value, too.

I had not long had my son when I was chatting to my neighbour about longing for the summer months to be able to hang our washing out to dry. With tons of baby clothes on top of our usual laundry, I was feeling quite swamped by washing – and very limited room to dry it.

I was using radiators and traditional airers to dry our laundry, but it wasn’t drying quickly enough with the cold winter meaning I was having to re-wash items, and finding myself in a tricky position of not wanting the heating on full blast as I didn’t want the house too hot for a newborn.

My neighbour mentioned she had the Lakeland heated dryer, and she’d be lost without it, and she didn’t have a tumble dryer. I instantly went inside, didn’t overthink the price and ordered it.

It arrived about a week later – and it felt like Christmas day, I was very excited to be able to dry my washing inside.

First impressions

First impressions of the dry soon heated airer is that… it’s pretty big!

Thankfully we had space in our lounge for it, but, it really does take up quite a bit more space than a traditional airer, so measure up before you order one.

I did fall in love pretty quickly though, the large size means I’m able to hang lots of stuff on it (a full washload), cover it with the cover which came in the accessories pack and not think about it til the next day.

I now mostly have the airer in our spare room so it’s out of the way (it’s summer, but I do still use it on gloomy days) – it’s half-collapsed at the moment, which is great and I didn’t realise this was possible when buying it – so that’s great for space saving. Essentially, if you have a half load, only open one side.

The accessories pack

I bought an accessories bundle to go with my heated airer, I have looked online for this this morning – but it seems Lakeland have changed their products slightly and how they sell the airer with some accessories bundled in, or, each one individually. This seems a better deal, honestly.

The bundle I have includes a couple of mesh foldable sheets which I use often to lay out baby clothes, socks and underwear – it makes it much quicker than hanging these items.

It also came with a cover – which id highly recommend, both for helping you to forget about the washing – out of sight out of mind. And, for speeding up the drying time a bit.

How long does it take to dry washing with the heated airer?

It completely depends on how much you’ve put on the airer and the type of items. If it’s a few lightweight tops – I’d say a few hours. However, a full load including towels takes about a day.

I try to get my clothes on to dry a good day before I need them (e.g. midday Friday for Saturday morning). And, if I need something more urgently than that – aka. a couple of hours, it’s more reliable to put it on a hot radiator if you have one around.

Is it worth the price?

I still think it’s a pricey airer – but, I wouldn’t be without it now I’ve got it.

It’s stopped me having to cover the house in laundry, or double-wash clothes which haven’t dried quickly enough.

It has lasted well and looks nice too, and I do really enjoy using it.

Another thing to consider when thinking about price is the comparable cost of a tumble dryer or having the heating on to dry laundry. Both of these are really expensive and Lakeland state the dry soon is much cheaper to run – so, there’ll be cost savings there to negate the initial cost of the airer.

I think if it’s worth it – completely depends on your budget, and there are also cheaper models out there that I’d recommend looking up too, I have heard Aldi sometimes do one, too? However, I’ve not seen it in stores.

A note on quality

I did manage to bend one of the ‘legs’ pretty much instantly – I’m not sure how… and it doesn’t affect usability, but if you do get one, be careful cause it’s easily dented!

And the cover tore a hole in within a few weeks too (I caught it on the top handle when pulling it over). This was very easy to do – and I’ve been more careful since.

Oh… also… one of the mesh drying shelves which came with the accessories pack bent out of shape – I got in touch with Lakeland and they replaced it the same day.

So, all in all – the quality, with these 3 in mind, is a little more flimsy than I’d expect for the price – however, I have never had any issue with Lakelands customer support (for this product or any other I’ve bought from them), so I feel confident that items will be replaced if damaged. Just be careful with it.

I have had no issues with the quality of the dryer from a technical perspective however and have found it very simple to use and reliable.

Technical specification from Lakeland:

Wattage 300W

Weight of product 7.7KG

Length of cord 1.35M

Drying space capacity 21M

Drying weight capacity 15KG

Built in on/ off timer can be set up to 12 hours

Costs just pennies to run*

Click here to visit Lakeland and view the model I purchased.

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