Emma mattress review

by Hint of Helen
Emma Mattress Reveiw

I have owned an Emma UK King Size 150 x 200 cm Hybrid mattress since 2021.

Below I’ll share my honest review of it after owning it for 2 years. I hope this helps, and any questions you have I’m happy to answer in the comments below! This review is 100% my own and I used my own money to purchase the Emma, and have used it as our main master bedroom mattress every day since. This post contains affiliate links and I may earn a small commission when you click on the links at no additional cost to you.

We purchased the Emma Hybrid mattress when we moved into our first home, having not really paid much attention to the mattresses we had previously bought for our rented apartment.

This was the first time we’d looked into buying a proper mattress and spending a little more than previously – however, with renovating a whole house at the same time, good value for money was also really important.

I came across the brand Emma via a friend’s recommendation, she bought one at a similar time, was raving about it then and still loves it now.

At the time of purchasing (2021) there were quite a few similar brands of mattress companies offering very similar things (e.g. springless, in a box, easy delivery etc.) the main 3 in the UK were Emma, Simba, Tempur etc. it seems since then, Emma mattress has really taken off I know lots of people who have purchased since.

Which Emma mattress we chose:

I bought the Emma UK King Size 150 x 200 cm Hybrid mattress. I believe the main driver at the time was the discount and promo which they had on the hybrid specifically, I remember thinking that I’d have purchased any of the mattresses – whichever was the best deal, as to me, it didn’t seem like there was much difference between them.

The deal I got was 50% off, taking it from £919 to £551 including delivery. It shipped the very next day, and was delivered 2 days later – amazing service and price.

First impressions of the Emma mattress:

First impressions – loved it!

It has a really nice zippable mattress protector, it’s medium firmness and feels very luxurious.

The first night sleeping on it was – not to be dramatic – life-changing. Me and my husband still laugh about our amazement at the lack of movent felt if there’s two of you in the bed and one gets out.

I do move around a lot in the night which often wakes my husband – however with the Emma Hybrid mattress he’s never woke up, and we played a (very silly) game when we first got the mattress of closing our eyes and guessing when the other had got out of the bed – we were that pleased with it.

I chose the Emma mattress as I wanted a really nice, more luxurious mattress to pair with our new bed (we went for the lovely upholstered Frenchie bed frame from Loaf).

Ergonomic Support

The other main driver in us choosing the Emma Hybrid mattress was the promised ergonomic Support. I watched many a youtube video comparing the mattress to others, and it came on top of many of the comparisons. I have also been pregnant since having the Emma mattress, and really appreciated (and felt!) the added support. I didn’t even really lie on the spare room bed cause it was comparably so much less supportive and comfortable.

Really easy purchase

As mentioned above – the ordering process was very smooth and delivery was super fast. Emma also offers a 200-night guarantee which seemed super easy to claim if you’re not happy with the mattress for whatever reason (I haven’t ever claimed this though, so look into this properly before purchasing).

Would we recommend the Emma mattress?

100% yes based on my experience and the experience of two friends I know who have also bought the Emma mattress. I’d keep your eyes peeled for a special offer though and weigh up the difference in models if you have a preference for firmness.

Click here to shop directly with Emma and compare deals and promos.

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