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by hintofhelen
McDonalds Chicken Legend Recipe Chicken Burger

Chicken Legend burgers are one of the most popular items on the UK McDonalds menu.

McDonalds describe the burger as a “succulent chicken breast fillet in a crispy coating, with lettuce and Cool Mayo in a warm, toasted bakehouse roll”. Here is a recipe to make a Chicken Legend inspired burger at home, a much healthier, tastier and cheaper way to feed the family!

So, here’s the break-down on how to make the perfect chicken legend burger at home:

The Batter

The batter on a Chicken Legend is quite thin, and heavily peppered. The main flavors are salt and pepper – it’s the pepper which brings the ‘heat’ to the coating. The best way to achieve the crispy chicken batter, without drying out the chicken, is to shallow fry these burgers, or, the alternative I prefer, is to use a halogen oven. Halogen ovens (also marketed as air fryers) are amazing at ‘frying’ foods with as little as a tbsp of oil – amazing right?!

The Bread

The bread used on the Chicken Legend is a ‘bakehouse roll’ – for this recipe I use a ciabatta as it’s more readily available in supermarkets and has a similar density (with welcome air bubbles!). Use whichever bread you fancy when you go t the shops – but keep it on the denser side, so the fluffy bread doesn’t overpower the burger.

The Mayo

The mayo on a Chicken Legend (and I believe, all mcdonald’s sandwiches) isn’t infact a mayonnaise, it’s mayonnaise sauce (ingredients: Mayonnaise-Style Sauce: Soybean oil, water, prepared mustard (water, mustard seed, vinegar, salt, mustard bran), liquid egg yolk, vinegar, sugar, salt, xanthan gum, potassium sorbate , calcium disodium EDTA. CONTAINS: EGG, MUSTARD.). When I make this burger at home I keep it simple and use either my favorite garlic mayonnaise (the £1 Crucials one), or a low-fat alternative.

The Lettuce

The lettuce used in the chicken legend is Batavia lettuce – a really nice type of lettuce often found pre-packed in ‘mixed leaf’ salads. I’d recommend you get batavia over iceberg – but if you have iceberg in the house, it’ll be really nice on there too! 

Chicken Legend Recipe

Overall – as you’re making this chicken legend burger at home – you can play around with the ingredients and how you want to use them – let me know in the comments below how yours goes! Below is the recipe I used this evening:

Yield: Serves 4

Chicken Legend Recipe

Chicken Legend Recipe

Make a McDonalds Chicken Legend inspired burger with this easy to follow recipe.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 25 minutes
Total Time 35 minutes


  • 4 Ciabatta Buns
  • Batavia lettuce (Often in bags of 'mixed leaf' salad)
  • 4 Chicken Breasts
  • 200g Plain Flour
  • 1 Egg
  • 1 tbsp Black Pepper
  • 1 tsp Salt
  • 1 tsp Garlic Granules (Optional)
  • Mayonaise
  • Cooking Oil Spray


  1. Take the chicken breasts out of the fridge - trim of any fat and place between a chopping board and a sheet of cling film or foil
  2. Take a rolling pin and use it to bash the chicken lightly so it is even in thickness - season with a pinch of pepper
  3. Crack and lightly whisk the egg into a bowl
  4. Mix the flour, pepper, salt and garlic granules (if using) into a different bowl
  5. Take the chicken breasts and dip, one by one, into the egg mixture
  6. Then dip the eggy chicken into the flour mixture - so the chicken is evenly coated
  7. Spray the chicken with fry-lite cooking oil, and place into the halogen oven / air fryer - cook for 20 minutes, until coating is crispy and the chicken cooked through.
  8. If you don't own a halogen oven or air fryer, you can fry the chicken in a pan, shallowly filled with oil - turning twice throughout cooking.
  9. Check the chicken breast is cooked through by slicing and seeing juices run clear and meat white throughout with a crisp batter coating.
  10. Slice ciabatta, and stack the chicken, lettuce, and mayonnaise to build your chicken legend burger - serve and enjoy!


Nutritional Values calculated using VeryWellFit based on 4 servings.

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Nutrition Information



Amount Per Serving Calories 698Total Fat 18.2gSaturated Fat 3.5gCholesterol 93mgCarbohydrates 94.7gFiber 4.7gSugar 5.8gProtein 35.5g

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Joannie 28th September 2018 - 9:15 am

I’ve been looking for this recipe! Going to make it for dinner tonight.

Moya Terrett 26th March 2019 - 3:41 pm

I see breadcrumbs listed in the ingredients but not mentioned anywhere in the method?? – Please advise as can’t wait to make this

hintofhelen 26th March 2019 - 8:15 pm

Oops! So sorry – thanks for letting me know! No breadcrumbs are needed in this recipe 🙂 The batter is simply egg, flour and seasoning – let me know how it turns out for you Moya! @hintofhelen

Ashley Judd 26th June 2019 - 12:20 pm

Hi! I just came across your blog and am loving the recipes.


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