Five Guys Burger Recipe

by hintofhelen
Five Guys Burger Recipe

A five guys inspired cheese burger. This is the ultimate homemade cheeseburger recipe, if i do say so myself! Below i cook a classic cheeseburger, sticking to nothing but steak, cheese and onions – on a fresh sesame seed bun with lashings of tomato ketchup and mustard. In true Five Guys fashion though, feel free to add WHICHEVER topping you fancy; beef tomato, lettuce, mushrooms, hot sauce?!

This recipe consists of two, thin beef patties sandwiched together with a layer of melted cheese – just like you’d have at Five Guys!

Reading up on what makes the ultimate five guys burger, I found the same recurring information – nothing but steak! So, this makes for a super simple burger recipe, as the burger patty is made up of nothing but minced steak!

Due to the simplicity of the burger patty, we put a little more effort than usual into making the rest of the burger amazing – which results in the best cheeseburger recipe ever!

Five Guys will have a well seasoned grill, which cooks burgers all day everyday. As we don’t – I began the recipe by frying onions in a pan, and using the remaining onion flavoured oil to cook the burger pattys.

Here’s how to make a Five Guys cheeseburger at home:

  1. Slice your seeded buns in half
  2. Heat a large, non-stick pan to high heat, then add the burger bun slices, face down to toast
  3. Remove from the pan after 1 minute – or, when they look like this:
  4. Add your favourite sauce to the toasted buns (I used ketchup and mustard) then set aside ready for your burgers
  5. Heat oil in the same pan, then add sliced onions and begin to fry them on low heat whilst you prepare your burgers 
  6.  Grab a palm-sized amount of minced steak Forming homemade burgers
  7. Roll into a meatball shape (compress the meat so there’s not lots of air between it and the mince shape disappears)
    Forming homemade burgers
  8. Then press down onto a piece of parchment (or baking) paper. Repeat – until you have enough burger patties. Remember, a single burger will be made up of two patties, so you’ll need two, thin patties per person – don’t worry that they’ll be too thin, as when they’re stacked together with cheese, they’re ample!
    Forming homemade burgers
  9. Once the onions are cooked, remove from the pan and set aside Fried Onions
  10. With the pan still hot from the onions, add the burger patties
    Frying Homemade Cheeseburgers
  11. Cook on high for 1 minute, then flip
    Frying Homemade Cheeseburgers
  12. Add  a slice of American cheese on top of each patty Five Guys Cheese Burger Recipe
  13. Cook for a futher 2 minutes, then turn off the heat and stack one patty on top of the other (with the cheese slices touching)Five Guys Cheese Burger Recipe
  14. Transfer the burgers onto a piece of kitchenroll to drain up any excess oil
    Five Guys Cheese Burger Recipe
  15. Then place the burgers on top of the toasted buns, and top with the fried onions
    Five Guys Cheese Burger Recipe
    Five Guys Cheese Burger Recipe
  16. Wrap loosely with tinfoil for a few minutes, which will allow the heat to melt the cheese a bit more, and also make the bun a bit softer
  17. Then unwrap and serve!
    Five Guys Cheese Burger Recipe
Yield: 2 Burgers

Five Guys Burger Recipe

Five Guys Burger Recipe

A super simple, delicious cheeseburger recipe inspired by Five Guys.

Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
Total Time 25 minutes


  • 1 Onion
  • 1 Tbsp Oil
  • 250g 15% Fat Steak Mince (get the best quality you can)
  • 4 Slices American Cheese
  • 2 Burger Buns
  • Your favourite toppings to serve, suggestions: tomatoes, lettuce, ketchup, mustard.


  1. Slice the onions
  2. Slice the burger buns in half
  3. Heat large, non-stick pan
  4. Place the burger buns in the pan, face down, on high heat until toasted (about 60 seconds)
  5. Then remove the burger buns from the heat, top with your favourite sauces (ketchup and mustard?) and set aside ready to assemble the burgers later
  6. In the same pan, heat the oil and add the onions, fry the onions on a low heat whilst you prepare the burgers (keep an eye on them so they don't catch or burn though)
  7. Whilst the onions are cooking, grab a palmful of minced steak, and form a meatball in your hand
  8. Press the meatball down on a piece of parchment (or baking) paper to form a thin patty
  9. Repeat until you have 4 patties - this will make 2 burgers. Don't worry if these seem much thinner than you'd usually make burgers - you'll be stacking them two high when eating
  10. Once your onions are cooked to your liking, remove from the pan and set aside on a piece of kitchen roll
  11. Add the patties to the hot, onion-y pan
  12. Cook the burgers on high heat for 1 minute, then flip using a spatula
  13. Place a slice of American cheese on top of each patty, then cook for a further 2 minutes
  14. Turn off the heat, and stack one patty on top of the other (so each patty is 2 high, with 2 pieces of cheese between)
  15. Transfer the burgers to a piece of kitchen roll to drain any excess oil
  16. Place the patties on top of the toasted buns, and wrap the burgers in a piece of tin foil for 2 minutes - to allow the cheese to melt some more, and the bun to soften with the heat of the burger
  17. Serve hot with your favourite sides


This is the minced steak I used today.

If you have time, pop to your local butcher and get some high quality steak mince, it'll taste amazing. But for the sake of this recipe, I actually bought some high quality, 15% fat steak mince from a supermarket - and i'm super happy with how they tasted, so if you're pressed for time, higher quality minced steak from your local supermarket will work well too! 

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Richard Ward 14th November 2018 - 9:29 pm

Hi Helen,
I enjoy your simple and easy to follow recipes. Have you got one for a chow mein (chicken or beef). I have tried supermarket sauces but cannot get close to it tasting like my local takeaway. Have you any thoughts.
Regards Richard

hintofhelen 18th November 2018 - 1:53 pm

Hi Richard! I feel your pain re: supermarket sauces – they don’t come close! I’m actually in the process of refining a chow mein recipe for the blog this month, i’ll drop you a message when it’s live! 🙂

Niall 22nd May 2020 - 3:35 pm

Hi Helen,
Never made burgers before, looked like a lot as hassle for little reward.
Made you version today, and it has made my lockdown!!!
Thanks, and hope you are yours are well

Hint of Helen 24th May 2020 - 10:08 am

So glad you enjoyed them Niall and they made you smile during lockdown! 😀


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