Salt and Pepper Chips

Salt and Pepper Chips

Salt and pepper chips are one of my favorite things to get at a Chinese takeaway. Here's a quick and easy way to make the delicious side dish at home, using oven chips and fresh chilli. 

I worked in a chinese restauraunt a few years ago; and this was our most popular side dish, unsurprisingly as Salt and pepper chips are the best. It's so simple and quick to make, and the result is really worth the extra effort you put in. The pepper in this case is chilli peppers; and the salt is chunky sea salt.

This recipe uses frozen, oven chips so there is minimal work involved, and that’s the type of chips which are used at my local; however you can use homemade chips or fries too.

The chips are midly spicy, and loaded with salty flavour. YUMMMMY!

Salt & Pepper Chips | Hint of Helen | Recipe

Salt and Pepper Chips
Servings: 2 people

  • Cooked oven chips
    The amount you'd usually cook
  • 1
  • 1
    (I chose to use half one green and half one red for color)
  • 1
    sea salt
  • 1
    five spice
  • 1
    chilli flakes
    (optional, depends how spicy you like it)

  1. Cook the oven chips as per packet instructions

  2. Whilst the chips are cooking, chop the chilli and onion into small pieces

  3. Once chips are cooked, heat some oil in pan and fry the chilli and onion until they begin to caramelise

  4. Add the salt, five spice, chilli and sugar to the pan, stir to coat the onion and chilli and fry for a further minute

  5. Add cooked chips to the pan, and stir to coat the chips in the spices. Turn off the heat, serve and enjoy

Recipe Notes

I used 'Morrisons The Best Chunky Chips' in this recipe, they're my favorite chunky frozen chips - the packet is huge too 🙂 

How to make salt and pepper chips at home:

1. Cook the chips as per packet instructions. Mine took 40 minutes in the air fryer:

2. Whilst the chips are cooking, chop the chilli and onion into small pieces:

3. Once the chips are cooked, remove from the heat and place aside. Heat oil in a large pan, and fry the onion and chilli in medium heat:

4. Once your onions begin to caramelise, add the spice mix, stir to coat the chilli and onion, and fry for a further minute:

5. Add the cooked chips to the pan, turn off the heat, and stir to coat the chips with the spices, chilli and onion:

6. Serve and enjoy: 

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